3 great ways to save energy in the workplace

3 great ways to save energy in the workplace


With climate change now firmly on the global agenda and some governments slowly beginning to implement more environmentally responsible policies, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to follow suit and become greener.

But what can SMEs do to reduce their environmental impact? Well, with bottom-line benefits and boosts to corporate reputation up for grabs, simply cutting down the amount of energy used in the workplace each day is a great place for businesses to start.

So, if you’re looking for ways to make your office a little greener and less wasteful, check out these three great ways to save energy in the workplace.

  1. Invest in green energy solutions

While the vast majority of workplaces in the UK are still powered by mains gas and electricity, green energy alternatives are becoming increasingly widely available and financially viable at a commercial level. From fitting solar thermal cells that provide your office with hot water to integrating solar photovoltaic panels or small wind turbines to contribute to your workplace’s electricity supply, renewable energy solutions can reduce your business’ reliance on the national grid and cut your energy bills in the process.

  1. Make use of LEDs and motion sensor lighting

Incredibly, around a quarter of an average business’ electricity costs come from lighting. A great way to cut this down (and help the environment while you’re at it) is to make the switch from traditional sources of lighting to LEDs. Not only can these long-lasting lighting solutions save you up to 80 per cent on your lighting costs, they are also thought to improve workplace productivity and help prevent eye strain, headaches and lack of focus.

As well as converting to a more energy efficient source of lighting, taking steps to cut down waste by ensuring lights are only on when they need to be is also a great way to save energy. Business utilities specialist Utility Bidder suggests that the best way to do this is to install motion sensor systems throughout the workplace. This means you’re not having to rely on employees turning lights off manually to save electricity.

  1. Get your staff involved

Your employees are crucial in making your workplace greener. Ensuring a number of simple energy-saving tasks are completed each day – from making sure PCs, laptops and projectors are switched off at the end of a shift to keeping the thermostat at a reasonable temperature – can make a significant difference, both in helping to protect the planet and reducing your energy bills.

A programme of education and motivation is key in getting staff involved. Appointing an ‘energy champion’ is often a good way to start. This employee, who should be a naturally strong communicator, can help to promote energy-saving habits, eventually turning them into workplace norms. Using strategically placed posters and stickers with energy saving tips can also help to shape a new environmentally responsible office culture. 

Remember – as well as benefiting the environment and enhancing your reputation as a green business, taking advantage of these easy ways to save energy in the workplace is also great news for your bottom line. So, what are you waiting for?

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