4 Reasons Why a Flexible Internet Access Policy At Work Promotes a Better Workplace Culture

4 Reasons Why a Flexible Internet Access Policy At Work Promotes a Better Workplace Culture

The workplace is changing, with more flexibility and autonomy becoming commonplace in today’s modern companies. There are many different options available when it comes to flexible work, which can be great for both workplace morale and employee productivity. But many companies are held back by cultural obstacles and old-fashioned, inflexible norms. With more people than ever before working from home on a more flexible basis, it’s time for employers to think about adding even more flexibility to the workplace. Here’s how a flexible internet policy can benefit your business.

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#1. More Trust in Employees:

Giving your employees a flexible internet access policy can seem like a daunting move. For many employers, it’s easy to get carried away with worrying that your employees will abuse the policy by browsing the internet throughout the working day, leaving them getting no work done. But the truth is, a professional employee will work better as a result of being given extra flexibility. Giving your employees the freedom to choose how and what they browse in work shows that you trust them, which in turn can boost morale and improve employee loyalty. It’s a win-win situation.

#2. Short Breaks Lead to Better Productivity:

Many companies are beginning to realize that having their employees working for eight hours a day with just one break for lunch is no good for anybody. The human brain is not designed to concentrate on one thing for such a long amount of time, therefore, allowing your employees a flexible internet access policy, which they can use to take short breaks from their work to read the news, play a game, or browse social media, for example, can actually help to boost productivity levels. Short breaks will enable them to refresh their mind and return to work feeling sharper.

#3. More Fun at Work:

For decades, work has always been about working and not much else. But today, more and more modern companies are seeing the value of injecting more fun, games, and laughter into the working day. Whether it’s small friendly competitions between sales teams, a bring your dog to work day, or raffles and games with prizes to be won, there’s no denying that fun at work can make everybody happier to be there, leading to better productivity levels in the long run. With a flexible internet access policy, you can stop the working day for a short amount of time to have a little bit of fun instead and brighten up everybody’s Monday. Whether you’re doing a pop quiz or a playing game of poker with these great poker bonuses no deposit, it’s sure to motivate everyone to work better for the day ahead.

#4. Attract More Employees:

Last but not least, promoting a flexible internet access policy and modernizing your workplace culture can help you attract new, young employees who are hungry for success. Today’s young graduates and professionals are more drawn to companies that promote modern workplace cultures and offer a greater degree of flexibility than more traditional working environments.

Would you consider offering a flexible internet access policy in your workplace? If not, why not? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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