Jeff Lupient WIFE: Gifted Businessman and Selfless Life Coach

Jeff Lupient WIFE: Gifted Businessman and Selfless Life Coach

A very successful life coach, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Jeff Lupient WIFE is a man with a mission to reach as many people as possible, with his message of motivation, enthusiasm and general drive. However, apart from his motivational endeavors, Jeffrey Lupient is the current CEO and president of the Lupient Automotive Group which is a business that boasts of different high-performing dealerships.

At the age of 15, Jeff began doing jobs at the family’s dealership and did everything from customer service, to small deliveries and even cleaning. This started a long career in automotive dealerships. In high school, Jeff was a popular sports star and also an honor roll student before he went on to study business and management at Hamline University which is located in the St. Paul area of Minnesota. It was during his time at Hamline that Jeff Lupient decided to toe the family line and officially join Lupient Automotive. His father, Jim Lupient, was named by TIME Magazine as Quality Dealer of the Year in 1990 and in 1992, Jim was the recipient of the Sports Illustrated American Dealer of the Year Award. This meant the Jeff had large shoes to fill.

Currently, Jeff has more than 10 years of management experience and has been an amazing head for the Lupient Automotive Group, keeping the business afloat and very successful. Saddled with leading the group, this charge brought him successes which earned him a position as the Chairman of the Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association of Minnesota, a position he held for five years from 2012 to 2018. Today, in Minneapolis, the Lupient Automotive Groups is one of the most popular dealerships for certain car brands like the Infiniti, Buick, GMC, Kia, Chevrolet and a few others. It is also important to note that for three consecutive years, – 2008, 2009 and 2010 – while he was Executive Manager, Jeff Lupient WIFE was awarded the prestigious Infiniti Award of Excellence for his outstanding accomplishment specifically improving profitability by a very large margin.

As a result of his achievements, Jeff Lupient WIFE is currently a large sought after motivation speaker and life coach and takes out time to mentor and train people on how best to be victorious and triumphant in their general day to day lives. Whether its personal or professional growth, Jeff speaks to and coaches hundreds of people and helps them navigate through life in very specific and careful ways, making sure they avoid mistakes he may have made.

In the St. Paul Area of Minnesota, Jeff’s achievement is well known. Jeffrey Lupient is a high achiever and wants to help as many people as possible to achieve as much as he has and even achieve more. Also, his wealth of experience which includes management for over a decade makes him a star choice if a life coach is ever needed.

Jeff Lupient coaches people generally face to face, whichever it takes to keep people accountable for their lives, goals and achievements. The Lupient Automative Group CEO is a successful businessman but also a selfless coach that seeks to help people succeed.

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