4 Traits of the Best Resume Writers (and the Worst)

4 Traits of the Best Resume Writers (and the Worst)

Writing your own resume is never a fun task. Not only can it be challenging to follow proper formatting, but it can be difficult putting your skills and qualifications on paper. Sure, you are probably more than qualified, but showing that on your resume is no easy feat.

Spending a bit of cash on a resume writing service or professional resume writer might seem like a stretch, but it can be worth every penny. Expert resume writers have the skills and experience that is necessary for writing a flawless resume. These professional writers are trained to help you get the job you deserve.

Unfortunately, not all resume writers are up for the task at hand. There are specific skills that a qualified resume writer has, and he/she has what it takes to effectively create or update an outstanding resume. Here are the top five traits of the best resume writers on the market (and a few of the worst).

They have experience with a variety of resumes

These expert resume writers have seen it all. They have dealt with a variety of resumes for a huge range of job positions. No matter if you are applying within the food service industry or you’re seeking a high-paying CEO position, a good resume writer will know what to do. They know what skills and qualifications are fit for any job and how to effectively write about them.

They take into account the interviewer

This is a skill that every effective resume writer should possess. They should be able to view the resume as if they were looking at it as the potential employer. This quality makes it easier to know what an interviewer is looking for. A good resume writer will also know how to adapt your qualifications and work experience to the job you’re applying for.

They know about style and format

Proper formatting is essential on any good resume. An expert will know about different formats and apply the most effective one to your personal resume. They also know about styling your resume to a T so that it stands out from the crowd.

They have proper knowledge of the English language

This goes without saying, but an effective resume writer will never create a resume containing grammatical errors or typos. This is essential in ensuring that your resume looks as professional as possible. They will also use language that is thorough yet concise.

And the worst traits…

  • They fail to tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for and fail to take into consideration the company/employer
  • They fail to make constant updates and changes to a resume. All resumes should be updated at least once a year.
  • They provide too much information that is oftentimes irrelevant. Including unnecessary information on your resume can make it look unorganized. Not to mention it makes you appear unqualified for the job.
  • They don’t know the difference between duties and responsibilities. A duty is often seen as a moral commitment, whereas responsibilities are things that are commanded of us from a superior.
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