4 ways to achieve a sparkling clean office

4 ways to achieve a sparkling clean office

When you spend a significant amount of time in the office, it’s important to keep it clean and tidy to ensure that productivity levels remain high. Having a messy, unorganised office can affect the level of work that gets done, whether it’s because things are easily misplaced amongst the clutter or because there’s too much distraction. Either way, it’s important to keep the workplace clean, especially if you have clients or customers visiting as this could affect their view on your business. Here are 5 ways you can achieve a sparkling clean office environment.

Create a cleaning schedule

Your office may have a cleaner who comes in each day to make sure the basic jobs are carried out such as hoovering, dusting and emptying the bins. But every now and then it’s good to have a good thorough clean and clear out of things that are no longer required. By creating a cleaning schedule and sticking to it, this will help you to work out which cleaning tasks need doing and how often.

Hire professionals

If you’re looking to move offices or have moved to a new office and need to have a deep clean of the entire place, inside and out, then consider hiring professional cleaners. By calling in professional cleaning companies like Real Cleaning, this can help save time by getting the task at hand done quickly and effectively.

Clean the awkward items

Awkward items like the computer mouse and office chairs also require a good, thorough clean. For your fabric chairs, you’ll need to vacuum them before spraying a layer of cleaning foam all over the chair. Brush in the foam and leave to dry for the recommended time before vacuuming once again. To clean your computer mouse, unplug it before using a damp microfiber cloth to clear away any grime. A toothpick is also useful to get in and around those small nooks and crannies.

Declutter your desk

Try to keep your desk clutter-free at all times. Having unnecessary paperwork and folders on your desk not only distracts you from your work but also makes the place look messy. If employees are working in a cluttered environment then it can affect their workload and productivity levels, so it’s ideal to have desks that are decluttered. Removing unnecessary clutter from your desk will help to avoid dust and germ build up.

These are 4 simple ways you can help to achieve a nice, sparkling clean office. If you have any tips of your own, please share them by using the hashtag #BigOfficeClean.

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