Effective Management: How to Avoid Spreading Yourself too Thin

Effective Management: How to Avoid Spreading Yourself too Thin

This is a big one for anyone with too much on their plate. It’s easy to think other people won’t do it as well as you, but the chances of them messing it up completely are pretty slim, and you can always give it a once over when they’re done. Even little things, like calling and emailing to arrange appointments, could be taking up more time and effort than you realize.


Computerize as much of your workload as you can. There are some great software options out there to really minimize your workload. CMMS software lets you keep tabs on maintenance – you can send or check up on work orders without having to phone or email your team.
Use lean management software which will enable you to see the bigger picture of what you and your team are working on. You can easily learn how to use Kanban which thousands of project managers utilise to manage their work more effectively.

Something as simple as setting up an auto-reply on your email account when you know you won’t be able to check it for a few days could make a huge difference. If they know exactly when you’ll be able to answer, you’re less likely to get multiple emails from the same person, and they’ll know to go to someone else if it’s urgent.

Face-to-face meetings are often more effective, but if it involves a lot of travel and you’re on a tight schedule, try to arrange Skype meetings if it suits both parties. You’ll cut out a lot of travel time and maximize productivity.

Have an In-tray

Basic as it may sound, this simple piece of stationery could really help your stress levels, and not just because it’ll keep your desk tidy. Your co-workers and employees can put anything that needs to be checked, signed or stamped in your in-tray and you can get to it when you have time. You won’t feel like you’re constantly being hunted by the rest of the office, but if it’s urgent, they can catch you between meetings.

Take Leave

You shouldn’t feel like you can’t take a few days off. Let everybody know that you’ll be away so they can get things to you before you leave if necessary. But if the wheels fall off because you’re spending a week with your family, something’s not right with the company. Things should be able to keep running even when the boss is in bed with flu.

If you’re doing everything you can to reduce your workload and still feeling stressed, find a coping mechanism. Head to the gym and sweat it out, book a massage to work out some of that tension. Buy yourself a decent chair – if you’re gonna be stuck at a desk all day, you should at least be comfortable.

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