Real Estate Construction: Controlling Odor and Dust

Real Estate Construction: Controlling Odor and Dust

In a recent Forbes article, contributor Joshua Pollard notes that 2019 is the most important year for housing in a decade. As construction companies complete more projects this year, they should emphasize odor and dust control strategies as a part of business compliance and social responsibility. It does not only ensure the health and safety of their workers, but it also promotes the welfare of the environment and the good of the public. With that in mind, in the rest of this article, we’ll list some of the best ways to control odor and dust in real estate construction.

Misting Cannons

One of the most popular approaches for dust and odor control systemis the use of misting cannons. They are exactly what they are named – cannons that generate mists. They produce tiny droplets of water that will saturate dust and odor. They are mounted and often wheeled, making it easy to move around in the construction site. Depending on the equipment the business will use, they have atomized mist technology, that targets even airborne dust particles. It also uses less water compared to common wet methods of dust suppression.

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Mulch and Vegetation

To control dust in a construction site, some businesses use mulch and vegetation. A vegetative cover is specifically a great idea for a low-traffic area. This protects the bare soil from wind and water erosion. It is a popular choice for real estate companies wanting to be green. However, one of the main problems is how vegetation needs constant watering. Some companies also experience hydro-seeding. Nonetheless, there are some who do not find this an attractive idea because of the possibility that it brings wildlife in the construction site.


Another excellent approach in managing dust and odor in real estate construction is the use of chlorides. Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are both effective. They are used for a long time already and their effectiveness has been proven. Chloride is spread on the ground to avoid the dust from spreading, which also limits the odor it produces. It also has a unique property to hold down dust to create smoother surfaces.

Personal Protective Equipment

Without a doubt, using PPE is one of the best ways to manage dust and odor in real estate projects. Wearing safety goggles, for instance, will protect the eyes from the dust generated by construction activities to prevent irritation. Safety masks are also often worn by construction workers to avoid inhalation of toxic dust that can damage the lungs and result in serious health problems, especially with exposure to silica dust.

Real estate construction generates dust and odor, which can also be significant health and safety hazards. With our suggestions above, it will be easy for companies to implement a robust approach in managing dust and odor to make sure that it won’t be a threat to the workers, the public, and the environment.

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