How to Create a Staff Culture Like Best Version Media

How to Create a Staff Culture Like Best Version Media

Best Version Media is a publishing company that creates micro tag magazines for a number of small organizations, niche industries and communities and towns. The company has received rave reviews and has a great reputation for creating an incredible staff culture within their workforce. The culture is one of freedom and creativity which encourages hard work and also that their staff feel free, relaxed and love working for the company. Many traditionalists will tell you that this is no way to run a work place but the proof is in the pudding and you can see from the results which the company achieve, that their workforce is not only happy, but incredibly high performers. If you want to instill a similar culture in amongst your workforce, here are some tips on doing so.

Rewarding the Staff

Contrary to what many believe, the salary that you pay your staff does not alway cover all that they do and this is why rewards are a key part of encouraging your staff reach higher and work harder. Many companies run a bait and switch when they angle a reward in front of their staff, only to take it away regardless of performance, this is the polar opposite of what you need to do with your team. Make sure that you are handing out both team rewards and staff rewards for great work and try to get as creative as possible when you give rewards.

Allowing Time

Companies who give their staff benefits like a couple of duvet days per year – when they can arrive late with no questions asked – or those who are extremely flexible when it comes to personal time, are the companies who earn more loyalty from their employees. The reason for this is that if you are flexible with your staff when they need some time away from work, you are well within your rights to expect that the staff put in the extra hours when the business requires it, and most staff in this situation are more than happy to do so.

Team Building

You must place extra emphasis on the team dynamic when you are running a business and you must also find ways to better bond them together. Regular team building days and in-office celebrations for birthdays and events are great ways to get the team closer together. The better the chemistry is between team members the better that the output will be.

Encouraging Results

Try judging your staff on results rather than how they get there. We have seen evidence of many men and women who seem as though they are doing nothing during the day and yet they consistently deliver results. Because of this you must make sure that you are not on everyone’s case all the time but in fat encouraging a calm and relaxed working environment. Be careful though because when the results don’t come in, that is when you can start to put your foot down about people having too much of a good time in the office.

Follow these points and you could create an environment like they have in Best Version Media.

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